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  • Haydonend

    Welcome to Haydon End, a housing development in North Swindon, England. A large area of North Swindon, has been developed for housing over the last ten years, and has been divided into 'villages'. Haydon End is one of these. 

    Haydon End Map

  • Haydon End is bounded by the Thamesdown Drive in the North, The Orbital Centre and Abbey Meads in the East, Haydon Wick Brook in the South and Taw Hill to the West.

  • Map from Open Street Map

  • Future of Haydonend.co.uk

    I have run the haydonend.co.uk website for several years, with the sole intention of bringing useful information to my neighbours to help improve openness, transparency and communications in this locality. I feel now, that such a site has passed its usefulness so will only post the occasional piece. People prefer to discuss issues through their Residents' Association, or on Facebook, and the Priory Vale Facebook Site has been quite active recently. Click on the archive link above to see the old site.

  • Haydon End

  • From Open Street Map

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